About mapNdu


mapNdu helps real estate clients to buy-sell-Rent Residential and Commercial properties/spaces maintaining the highest level of service exploring new ideas and technology, to make the transaction easier, It is incorporated with proven, professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the business of its kind.

Searching Property

mapNdu is a property searching experience on the real map environment. Buyers and Sellers on this platform can choose their desired property and know the availability on their preferred location. If found any, user can Click the marker which will pop-up a brief for it and further click the picture for further detailed page of the chosen property. Alternatively, Users can also click the menu button and directly type on the search area which will list you the properties matching your to search criteria.


Listing on mapNdu is free upon customer providing the photos and property details.  There will be a one-time small amount fee, if mapNdu needs to provide you a photographic and surveying your property. Once the Property is listed, Buyers will be able to contact the Sellers directly.


mapNdu.com will not be liable for any false information provided by Buyers/Sellers.

Process to List Property

  1. Seller will initiate Contact with mapNdu via mail, Viber or direct call.
  2. Sellers will send Details, Photos and location details.
  3. mapNdu will review, contact sellers or visit, if needed.
  4. mapNdu will verify the shared information and Upload to mapNdu.com.
  5. Buyers will be able to view and Contact the Sellers directly.
  6. Price Negotiating and actual Sales will conduct with the co-operation between Buyers and Sellers.
  7. If the property is Sold, then we will mark/remove it from the website.